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We offer exclusive Hajj & Umrah packages throughout the year at Makakh Jaffar Tours and Travels. The packages we offer include good food, accommodations, and transportation. have a safe travelling with the grace of Allah.

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The Hajj is an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, the holy city of Islam. Hajj is an obligatory religious duty Muslims must perform at least once in their lifetime. This religious duty should be performed once in a lifetime by those who are physically and financially capable. We offer many packages with different prices and services. Our team will give you full support throughout the trip and keep you comfortable. Hajjis can enjoy a pleasant journey with Makkah Jafar tours and travels. Through our cost-effective packages, we offer the most affordable rates for visiting Mecca. The most important thing while traveling and touring is food. For our hajjis we provide good and healthy homemade food, which is prepared by our own Tamil Nadu chef in a healthy and perfect manner. Makkah Jaffar Tours packages are specialized in high quality rooms with a perfect atmosphere. Travellers always prefer good accommodation, so our team has provided the most comfortable accommodation for our pilgrims. Don’t worry about VISA, we can arrange a secure VISA to Saudi Arabia. Makkah jaffar will take care of your needs throughout the trip, so you can feel safe and secure the whole time.

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